Boost Your Debt Collection Results with Rezo AI-Powered Solution

April 26, 2023

Debt collection is a complex process that takes substantial time and effort from the organization. In order to minimize these efforts and maximize output, organizations can leverage the collection product of Rezo.

Rezo’s AI-powered Voice analytics solutions have disrupted how Indian businesses engage customers. They will now free the NBFCs of cumbersome Manual Handling of loan recovery and make the process more efficient and discreet.

This Collection product helps NBFCs manage and collect loan repayments from borrowers. This product type is typically used for loans that have fallen into default or are past due. The process of the collection product is transparent and easy to scale. It spares agents from burnout by automating repetitive and mundane tasks.

1. Introduction

  • Rezo’s Debt Collection software fills the need gap
  • What is actually ‘The Collection Product’?
  • The Key Performance Indicators of The Collection Product

2. Technology Behind the Debt Collection Product

  • Auto-engage
  • Auto-analyse

3. Detailed process of Collection with Rezo 10

4. Benefits of our Collection Product 15

5. Results Achieved 17

6. Loans Collection Lifecycle with 16

7. About Us