Outpace Traditional Contact Centers: Achieve 90% Connect Rates with Rezo

October 12, 2023

Connect Rate


With continuous shifts in customer expectations, delivering exceptional customer service has become a challenge. Especially when companies are still clinging to traditional methods. A traditional contact center service often struggles with low connect rates, resulting in poor performance and missed opportunities. This limitation calls for a smarter approach to customer engagement that leverages the power of AI technology. 

At Rezo, we have developed cutting-edge AI solutions that are revolutionizing customer interactions and contact center operations. Our flagship product, Engage AI, employs a smart contact strategy to automate customer interactions across channels, at scale and without losing the brand voice. With Rezo.AI’s Engage AI technology, you can easily achieve a 90% connect rate and outpace your competitors with smarter, more innovative customer engagement. Using dynamic scripts and multilingual bots, AI agents can have personalized conversations with customers that lead to higher conversion rates and improved CSAT scores.

Challenges with Traditional Contact Centers

To truly understand the power of AI in customer support, let’s compare it with traditional contact centers in terms of reach and limitations. The following table presents the key challenges faced by traditional contact centers and the solutions brought forth by AI:

As you can see, traditional contact centers have several limitations, with lack of scalability and limited operating hours being the most significant. This results in prolonged customer wait times and a poor customer experience, ultimately affecting the bottom line. Rezo’s autonomous AI contact center addresses these challenges head-on, enabling organizations to achieve exceptional results. In the next section, we will dive deeper into the technology that allows you to improve connect rate.

The Power of Smart Contact Strategy

Rezo’s Smart Contact Strategy is the backbone of Engage AI that drives its exceptional customer engagement capabilities. It builds interactive customer personas and ensures that customers are reached through their preferred channels, at the right time, and in their preferred language, maximizing outreach connect rates and engagement. What sets Rezo’s Smart Contact Strategy apart is its ability to harness real-time data insights from customer interactions and campaigns, which is then analyzed to refine and optimize future campaigns. This allows businesses to achieve more significant cost savings and efficiency gains over time.

Rezo AI agents use AI-powered virtual agents and deep LLM interactions to personalize interactions and adapt to customer responses in real-time. 

Impact of Enagage AI in Improving Connect Rate

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how Rezo’s Engage AI technology has transformed reach and engagement for real businesses in their industries:

  1. Telecom: Rezo.ai managed approximately 3 lakh calls a month for a global telecommunications company. Using smart contact strategy, they achieved a 42% call connect rate by contacting customers at their preferred time, language and channel.
  2. NBFC: A leading NBFC brand in India collaborated with Rezo.ai to achieve 85% connect rate and 97% collection efficiency.

Achieve Significant Results with Rezo.ai

Achieve High Connect Rate & Improved CSAT Score with Rezo.ai

Rezo’s Engage AI technology offers several benefits that are crucial for improving connect rates and achieving better overall performance. Key call center metrics include load reduction, call containment, higher engagement, lead generation/validation/prioritization, and improved CSAT scores. Rezo’s Engage AI technology can achieve these benefits through:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Real-time personalized responses
  • Customized and dynamic scripts
  • Multi-lingual bot capabilities
  • Insightful dashboards and detailed analytics

And, of course, all of these benefits contribute to a higher connect rate– up to 90%- giving businesses a significant edge in customer engagement.

In a world where customer expectations are rising rapidly, traditional contact centers with low connect rates are no longer sufficient. It’s time to embrace the power of Conversational AI in customer support and take advantage of its comprehensive solutions. 

Don’t settle for outdated approaches—shift towards smarter, AI-driven customer engagement. Schedule a demo with Rezo today and discover the power of our AI-driven solutions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to outpace traditional contact centers and elevate your customer support to new heights.

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