Empower Banks With AI-Powered Contact Centers

December 21, 2021

Empower Banks With AI-Powered Contact Centers

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has grown into a formidable technology, dubbed the fourth industrial revolution that allows robots to think and act like humans. By pushing the limits of machine-enabled capabilities, AI is expected to continue making complex decisions and making our lives more efficient in the future.

According to a survey by Gartner, AI, self-service and machine Learning will completely automate 40% of banking interactions by 2023. AI-Powered Contact Centers are gaining importance throughout the banking sector enabling them to create an edge in a highly competitive space and impact customers through an outstanding experience. Let’s take a look at how AI-Powered Contact Centers benefit the banking industry.

AI-Powered Contact Center Use Cases In Banking 

  1. Automate Query Resolution – Streamline outbound and inbound banking procedures like loan or credit qualification, collection, customer onboarding, document processing and phone banking queries like account updates, offers, credit/debit card services respectively via voice and other channels with accuracy and faster turnaround time.
  2. Automated Quality Check – Highlight agent scorecard by scoring them as per their performances, understand the voice of the customers with realtime and post call/voice analysis across email, voice and other channels.
  3. Automate Customer Verification – Verify, identify and gather multiple documents from customers in real time.
  4. Automate Reminders/Notifications – The entire process of multiple calls to customers before payments can be shortened and automated. Send outbound notifications and alerts to ensure proactive engagement and reach.
  5. Automate Customer Feedback – Collect feedback and customer experience score based on the services delivered by your bank.

Banking Without Borders With Rezo

According to Mckinsey, AI solutions will potentially deliver up to $1 trillion of additional value each year for the banking sector. Banks work with highly commoditized and barely distinguished product portfolios in a competitive space. Therefore, the constant quest is to create an edge via support delivery experience. Rezo’s AI-Powered Contact Center offers banks a cost-effective solution to deliver enhanced contact experience and operational efficiency.

Boost Revenue – Rezo’s AI-Powered Contact Center can replace time-consuming, error-prone and costly tasks traditionally handled by agents in the banking sector. Rezo’s AI-tools and predictive intelligence detect the right emotions to upsell or cross-sell in the right verbatim to do closures.

Personalisation – We leverage customers’ historic transcriptions and analyse their interactions to deliver personalized experiences. This results in stronger relationships and reduces monotonous interactions making banks more humane.

Superior Customer Experience – Rezo’s AI-Powered Contact Center helps banks accomplish their goal of being an integral part of customers’ lives by instantly resolving customer queries 24/7 at scale across multiple channels such as FAQs, account services, payment requests and much more. 

Accuracy –  Our platform is backed with a powerful NLP engine that can interpret customer complaints, map the frequency of complaints, and streamline the processes. As a result, the support provided by banks for customers becomes more accurate and reliable. 

Strong Relationship –  Using ML capabilities, the automated contact center analyses customer interactions to create their profiles, helping the agents or automated system be more personalized and effective with each successive conversation. This results in reducing the monotony of interactions and makes banks more humane for customers.

AI-Powered Contact Centers

Future Of Banking With AI-Powered Contact Centers

The AI-Powered Contact Center platform is already a reality, and it is having a significant influence on how the banking sector operates. It’s just a matter of time until banking executives start to embrace it to deal with the industry’s inefficiencies. Banks have grown well beyond simply holding clients’ funds, AI-Powered Contact Centers enable banks to give customers multiple omnichannel experiences, facilitate at-scale personalisation, and drive quick innovation cycles in order to remain relevant in today’s competitive environment. The banks will seize the unprecedented opportunity to incorporate AI into their operations, enhance working capital management and reduce capital costs. As to where it can go, whichever process or business human intelligence is required, AI can go there.

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Empower Banks With AI-Powered Contact Centers
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