Rezo Ai-Powered Cx Cloud For Healthcare

Transform Customer Engagement With Rezo

Obtain an advantage over other healthcare organisations in terms of technology and patient experience. Smartbots for the healthcare sector facilitate communication between patients, insurance providers, and healthcare personnel. Automation will be used to improve patients’ overall healthcare experiences, which will be provided via the Rezo healthcare chatbot.


Benefits of Rezo’s Health Virtual Assistants

  • Revolutionize the doctor-patient relationship

    By integrating Rezo’s Al-powered contact center into the clinical workflow to help patients find the information they need instantaneously.

  • Virtual Hospitals

    Build virtual hospitals with conversational Al to enhance patient acquisition and lower operational expenses.

  • Al-Based Healthcare Assistants

    One Stop Solution to routine questions like the documents needed to receive treatment, information on payment tariffs, insurance Coverage, and more

Use Cases

Promising use cases deployed in the healthcare industry

Fast-track Query Resolution

The conversational AI platform of Rezo provides one-stop solutions for queries like the documentation needed to receive treatment, information on payment tariffs, insurance coverage, and much more.

Automated Categorization

Rezo’s conversational AI chatbot routes tickets to the proper agent or laboratory, while also allowing users to follow tickets, reopen outstanding tickets, and transfer ownership.

Appointment Booking

The workforce optimization software of Rezo schedules visits, appointment dates, and time-integrated into the clinical workflow.

Case Studies

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