Ai-Powered Cx Cloud For Education Sector

Transforming Customer Experience

Educational institutions get many queries about classes, batches, exam schedules, certificates and results. Rezo’s Al-Powered CX Cloud Solution streamlines such processes in a faster resolution time for customer queries, identifying the root cause of the issue and individualizing self-support for students’ academic experiences. We enable educational institutions to plan students’ progress in real-time with our Call Center Automation Technology.


Benefits of Rezo’s Education Virtual Assistants

By automating repetitive processes and taking care of administrative and non-administrative enquiries, the team can operate more efficiently with Rezo’s Call Center workforce management.

  • Simplify Learning

    Rezo’s Virtual Call Center Automation Software, which includes a strong NLP engine, improves student engagement by providing students with personalised learning and rapidly developing education.

  • Unbiased Feedback

    Rezo’s conversational ai platform collects feedback from both students and teachers to highlight common pointers and identify gaps in teaching and learning leading to improved learning outcomes.

  • Ai-Based Teaching Assistants

    Rezo’s contact center solutions can monitor, analyse, and review students’ real-time learning progress and offer appropriate material accordingly.

  • Virtual Noticeboard

    Prospective students can use Rezo’s Al-Powered contact center solutions to discover more about scholarships, hostel accommodations, library memberships, and other services.

Use Cases

Promising use cases deployed in the education industry

AI-Based Teaching Assistant

The conversational AI platform of Rezo understands students’ needs by monitoring, analyzing, and reviewing real-time learning progress and offer appropriate study material accordingly.

Virtual Noticeboard

Rezo’s conversational AI solutions enable prospective students to discover more about scholarships, accommodations, library memberships, etc., while keeping them updated on the latest news and announcements.

Automate Course Updates

Rezo’s AI powered chatbots send timely alerts, reminders, and updates around the course schedule to ensure higher engagement, compliance, and timely completion.

Case Studies

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