AI-Powered Cx Cloud For Automobile Sector

Transforming Customer Experience

Rezo’s Al-Powered CX Cloud handles and appoints customer queries for dealers, improving customer experience while reducing costs. We create a comprehensive ecosystem for customers, car manufacturers and dealers by automating customer-agent interactions through conversational AI chatbot, enabling lead generation, real-time cross-selling and up-selling. Users may easily buy and maintain cars thanks to automotive chatbots.


Benefits of Rezo Automotive Virtual Assistants

For the automobile sector, use an AI powered chatbot virtual assistants to increase sales, produce possible leads, and encourage consumer interaction.

  • Increased Sales And Revenue

    Rezo’s conversational ai platform recommends business-related services in the right verbatim allowing manufacturers and dealers to up-sell and cross sell to customers by pushing personalized offers pricing. resulting in higher customer retention and return on investment.

  • Personalized Customer Support

    Rezo’s call center automation software gathers relevant customer information, provides actionable insights based on historic customer conversations, uses real time intent and emotion analysis for fine tune responses resulting in extraordinary customer experience.

  • Prospect Engagement

    Rezo’s contact center solutions help consumers navigate through the buying process by arranging test drives, collecting visitor information, keeping track of car sales and resolving customer questions, resulting in increased leads and average revenue per user (ARPU).

Use Cases

Promising use cases deployed in the automobile industry

Fast-track query resolution

Rezo’s CX automation platform navigates customers through the buying process by addressing FAQs, vehicle-related information about price or availability, keeping track of car sales, and more.

Smart Scheduling Tool

The call center automation technology automates the entire process of changing or cancelling appointments, arranging pickups, creating service alerts/reminders, and sending delivery updates.

Automated Lead Validation

AI-Powered contact center solutions recommend business-related services in the right verbatim allowing manufacturers and dealers to upsell or cross-sell to customers.

Case Studies

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