Research lab
Natural Language Processing and Understanding

To interpret customer interactions and to be able to appropriately take actions, one needs NLP algorithms that can run at scale and with precision. Our platform includes precise intent classification, sentiment prediction, knowledge base retrieval and content summarisation capabilities that truly augment the effectiveness of your agents.

Language Agnostic

Designed for scale, multi-channel and languages, the algorithms can help train the system in minimalistic time to deploy intelligent conversational AI bots in multiple languages and in minimalistic time frames.

Machine Learning

Cutting edge machine learning algorithms with major focus to parse through complex unstructured data is driving the state of art behind Rezo. The algorithm helps drive a drastic increase in customer experience (CX), agent productivity and streamline repetitive tasks. The algorithms work across channels data and provide the best outcome in the shortest time.

Speech Recognition

Lot of customer interactions across industries are happening over phone calls. To interpret these phone calls, real time speech to text is required. There are plenty of challenges with this 2-way interaction data. Some of the issues are background noise, accent, inconsistent quality and dual channel separation. Our team is working day and night to develop a world class algorithm to process voice data.

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