Rezo Ai-Powered Cx Cloud For Logistics

Transforming Customer Experience

The logistics sector incurs substantial expenses to attend a rising number of incoming calls to cancel or rearrange order, change address data, update contact numbers etc and is still unable to respond to all enquiries. Rezo’s Al-Powered CX Cloud Solution provides automated solutions to end users in real time, reducing contact traffic, relieving agents of repetitive tasks and saving organisations on operating costs


Benefits of Rezo Virtual Assistants for Logistics

With insurance chatbots, you can instantly automate complicated insurance processes and create dynamic conversation journeys.

  • Enhance Customer Experience

    Rezo’s conversational Ai platform powered by RPA instantly handles customer inquiries such as shipment status, delivery changes, and billing requests, ensuring that customers have real-time insight into every stage of their consignment’s journey and saving time and effort

  • Boosts Sales And Revenue

    Rezo’s Al-Powered CX Cloud reduces operational expenses and adds strategic value to businesses by optimizing shipment time, decreasing redundancies, relieving agents of repetitive tasks, and lowering Customer sunnart costs

  • Improve Supply Chain Workflow

    Rezo’s Conversational AI solutions improves supply chain workflow across multiple channels and aids in decision making by interpreting and mapping customer queries, upselling and cross selling with predictive analysis, training and coaching agents based on scorecards and improvement areas.

Use Cases

Promising use cases deployed in the logistic industry

Streamline Processes

The Conversational AI solutions of Rezo track availability of stock, inter-team communication, etc for smooth flow and time-bound delivery of goods and shipments.

Fast-track query resolution

Chat with AI to instantly resolve queries like delivery returns, pick up or drop points, and share available time slots for better scheduling.

Order Tracking

Rezo’s conversational AI software automates shipment tracking and keep customers updated on the order status

Case Studies

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