Ai-Powered Contact Center For Insurance Sector

Transforming Customer Experience

In the insurance sector, using manual processes to deal with paperwork. intricate legal procedures, and claim settlements of customers results in high costs and overloaded agents. Rezo’s call center automation software bridges the gap between customer expectation and streamline contact support workflow with minimum human intervention


Benefits of Rezo Virtual Assistants for insurance Sector

  • Personalized Customer Experience

    Consumers are embracing digital channels and expect delightful experiences when buying insurance both online and offline. Rezo’s call center workforce management provides a seamless, consistent multi-access experience in every channel to ensure gold standards for insurers.

  • Online Claim Status Identification

    Our call center automation technology fetches claim numbers from the database and resolution of single and multi-claim cases with 100% accuracy.

  • Increases Operational Performance

    Our contact center solutions at the front end enhance the customer experience, and our call center automation technology at the back end drives productivity gains and operational performance.

Use Cases

Promising use cases deployed in the insurance industry

Policy Selection and Renewals

The conversational AI platforms of Rezo create customer profiles based on interaction summaries and leverage them to determine the best policy and identify cross-sell/upsell and renewal opportunities.

Claim Issues Resolution

Rezo’s call center automation technology assists customers in filing claims, appointing surveyors, identifying claim status, and sharing related documents and receipts.

Central Knowledge Database

Call center voice AI leverages the client's critical and scattered data, like manuals, FAQs, guidelines, etc., from different repositories into a knowledge graph, enabling effortless extraction from unstructured and structured documents.

Case Studies

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