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Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generator (NLU)

Rezo leverages it’s powerful Natural Language Processing engine to understand the customer’s intent in the message and provide the most appropriate response. Regardless of the language, the NLP engine understands the syntax, semantics, discourse, and purpose of the message to engage in a human-like conversation. Rezo leverages NLP in automating conversations and tasks, improving efficiencies and enhancing customer experience. Rezo NLG engine can help draft simple human-like phrases while reverting to customer queries.

Natural Language Processing
Context Management

Context Management

Context management helps in creating human-like conversation. Context are changed multiple times while having a conversation. While humans naturally understand when the context gets changed, its rather difficult for a machine to understand the changed context. Rezo has been designed to understand all human conversations and understand when context gets switched.

One or More
Intents Identifications

Messages and emails usually carry multiple intents, and it is extremely important to understand the multiple intent in the customer ask before a revert happens. Usually, systems are capable of only identifying a single intent but Rezo NLP engine can effortlessly identify multiple intent and revert to customers accordingly.

Intents Identifications
Rezo No Code Bot Builder

No Code Bot Building

Rezo No-Code Bot Building platform makes it extremely easy for enterprises to make their own bot without the need to know coding. It is a simple yet powerful DIY (Do it yourself) platform which is loaded with a host of features to allow users to develop and manage bots without coding.

Pre-Build Studio

Rezo provides pre-built models for various industries making it extremely easy for enterprises who are looking for a jump start without having to do things from scratch.

Rezo pre-built platform

One Organization -
One Deployment

Rezo creates one bot across all channels. One bot helps maintain and manage the knowledge base centrally, borrow strength from customer interactions happening across channels and extremely easy to manage and upgrade.

Emotion &
Sentiment Analysis

Rezo's powerful engine helps identify the customer sentiment and emotions. Customers can often be frustrated and converse negatively and it is extremely important to identify and resolve such issues at priority before customers start to churn. With Rezo, you can easily detect the churn signals, negative emotions, and help resolve the concerns at the earliest to the customer satisfaction. Also, when the sentiment is positive, Rezo send signals for up-sell and cross.

Emotion and sentiments analysis
Rezo Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Although compliance is a never-ending process, it is critical for businesses to meet the compliance requirements. Also, the current process of compliance is very manual and thus allows only 1-5% of the total volume to be monitored. With Rezo, businesses can share their compliance parameters and Rezo powerful AI engine can help monitor compliance while the agents are talking with the customers.

Empathy and
Tone Analysis

Like emotion and sentiment analysis, Rezo sophisticated and powerful engine helps enterprises keep a track on the tone of the customer support representative. While conversing if proper empathy and tone is not adhered, Rezo will flag such interaction and bring these elements on the score card of the customer support reps.

Rezo Empathy and Tone Analysis

Identifying Training Needs

AI has been a fascinating area of learning and development. With AI and machine learning, enterprises can get the most appropriate assessment of agent performance and chart a plan for training.

Identifying Training Needs
Agent Score Card

Agent Score Card

For enterprises to spend less time in scoring interactions and focussing more on engaging the customers, they would have to work on data-driven and real-time feedback from conversational AI.

Complaint Analysis

Machine learning is the answer for customer complaint classification. AI tools monitor customer comments, pick out the bad ones, and automatically route the same to the right team.

Complaint Analysis
Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer Satisfaction Score

AI has a formidable impact in enhancing customer experience, and enterprises are applying AI to better understand customer behaviour. AI collects and connects information from various channels and collates their scores to provide insight and make better decisions.

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