Ai-Powered Contact Center For Travel Sector

Transforming Customer Experience

Rezo’s Al-Powered Contact Center’s entry into the travel sector has simplified travel arrangements. We assist consumers by providing automated, personalized and informative services, while simultaneously allowing organisations to measure their support by tracking their reviews on various platforms.


Benefits of Rezo’s Virtual Assistants for Travel Industry

Use travel Call Center Voice AI to enable users to rapidly book flights, make bookings, and check the best deals.

  • Smart Travel Guide

    Rezo’s contact centre solutions learn from prior booking patterns and consumer behaviour to provide a better customer experience, allowing customers to book and purchase tickets easily.

  • Complaint And Claim Support

    Rezo’s Al-Powered Chatbots serve as a single point of contact for all travellers’ problems and needs, allowing them to receive instant help at any point throughout their journey, including flight rebooking, lost luggage, pricing, and other amenities.

  • 24×7 Customer Support

    Rezo’s Call Center Workforce Management can reduce support time and enhance customer happiness by mapping questions from appropriate social network accounts, lowering operational costs and improving revenues.

Use Cases

Promising use cases deployed in the travel industry

FAQ Queries

Frequently asked questions like the dimension of cabin baggage, reporting time, tele check-in, etc., are recurrent. Rezo’s conversational AI software can easily handle these queries, sparing agents from handling repetitive questions.

Interpreting Customer Complaints

Understanding customer complaints from unstructured text is extremely difficult and can only be handled manually. However, Rezo’s conversational AI platforms have a powerful NLP engine that interprets customer complaints and maps the frequency of complaints to streamline and simplify the processes.

Booking/Change in itinerary

Enterprises dealing with itineraries get a huge number of calls requesting a Change of delivery date, time, and location or booking. With Rezo’s intelligent bots, customers can chat with AI, and all such conversations can be handled end-to-end without human intervention.

Case Studies

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