Rezo powers WhatsApp Conversation for a Logistic Giant

March 28, 2020


A leading logistic company receives couple of thousands calls per day requesting to re-schedule delivery date, change address detail, update phone number, cancel, complain register and many more. To address these calls, the company is constantly adding more agents but still unable to respond to all calls.

The increasing spike in incoming call volumes, increasing cost and dis-satisfaction at the customers end led this company to think about alternate mediums of interacting with their customers.


Solution rolled out a AI-Powered Bot over Whatsapp that helped them cut down on the call volume drastically. The automated solution gave the end customers near real time responses and helped them re-schedule deliveries, change address, update their phone numbers and many more in the most simplified manner and asynchronously without having the need to call the call center.

The responses were automatically parsed and customer choices/preferences updated at the backend data bases.

This solution reduced the call volumes, saved agents from manual updating in the information in the data bases and also saved the organization on the operations cost (re-attempt deliveries, etc).


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