Logistic giant adopts AI powered rezo for automation

January 19, 2020

About Delhivery

Delhivery is India’s largest logistic company offering extensive services ranging between last mile deliveries, third party fulfilment and warehousing services. These services enable the seller and the consumer to connect faster. Delhivery handles over 350,000+ shipments per day for 150,000 sellers, 3000+ clients across 1200+ cities.


With SLA’s ranging from minutes to couple of days, Delhivery agents works 24 x 7 to give their customers a great experience. In the past, Delhivery was working with a leading ticketing system to handle their customer service inquiries. However, as a fast growing company, they were looking for a solution that would be scalable across functions, streamline internal coordination across various functions, reduce the dependency on agents working style and work towards automation. In addition, Delhivery needed a solution that would give them a health check of their various functions, possibilities of performing root cause analysis while continue their journey towards being a SLA driven organisation.

Solutions by Rezo

To streamline internal coordination across function, integrate tickets from across multiple channels and an attempt to reduce the average handling time, the following solutions were rolled out:

  1. Ticket creation from email, api, portal, etc. to facilitate integration of tickets from multiple sources under a single platform.
  2. Categorisation of the tickets basis the content of the ticket. Auto-categorisation helps map tickets to correct agents for actionability resulting in lower TAT.
  3. Routing tickets to agent basis the issue type, location, client, etc., helping Delhivery leverage their center of excellence for each function and best utilise the strengths and knowledge-base of agents.
  4. Automated workflows for processing service requests – Travel forms, HR, Consumable Request forms, etc.
  5. Scaling the solution across multiple functions and extensively use Rezo for streamlining their internal processes.


With Rezo, Delhivery has been able to streamline processes across multiple functions. The auto-routing feature basis the issue type, location, client is helping leverage the strengths and knowledge of the agents to its best. Sophisticated analytics allows stakeholders to access the performance of the functions, benchmark performance against their targets, perform root cause analysis and prioritize interventions to improve performance, if needed. Though early to measure the gains but automated workflow for recurrent queries will free up manpower that could be best utilized for more human intensive job.

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