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Transforming Customer Experience

Automate, Analyse, Train Agents and Robotic Process Automation


    Accelerate your Revenue
    with Rezo AI Platform


    Automate Interactions
    Across Channels

    With AI-powered intelligent automation, interactions with the customers become fast, easy, scalable and error free. Rezo automates interactions across all channels – Voice, WhatsApp, Social Media, Chat, and Email leading to quicker resolution, happier customers and efficient agents.

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    Automate Interactions Across Channels
    Analyze Every Call and Interaction

    Analyze Every Call
    & Interaction

    Read, Score and Process
    Deep learning combined with Natural Language Technology (NLP) helps look through customer and agent interaction, bring out the voice of the customers (VoC), churn signals, compliance gaps and process adherence gaps. Rezo will automatically score every call and interaction leading to a scorecard for agents.

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    Coach & Train Agents

    Improve and Alleviate
    The NLP engine analyzes every agent interaction and matches as to how the agent has performed against the guidelines shared by the brand. The system will highlight the improvement areas and leave personalised coaching tips. Personalised tips along with data help agents identify the gaps better and boost transparency and morale.

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    Coach & Train Agents
    Enhance Customer Experience with Inbuilt RPA

    Enhance Customer Experience
    with Inbuilt RPA

    Collect, Cleanse, and Organize
    Robotic process automation bots expand the value of an automation platform by completing tasks faster, allowing employees to perform high value work and enhancing customer's experience due to faster turnaround time.

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    Experience Is Everything

    Collect, Cleanse, and Organize

    -No Long Hauls For Customers
    - Human Like responses
    -Customer Lead Conversations
    -Revert To Multiple Intents And Emotions
    -Faster Resolution, 24x7 Real Time Support
    -Personalized Experience, Actionable Insights

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    Experience Is Everything

    Connect Better With Customers
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      Customer Driven Conversations

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      No Long Hauls For Customers

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      Human Like Responses

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      Personalised Experience

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      Revert To Multiple Intents

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      24x7 Real Time Support

    Results You Will love


    Automated Interactions
    (including voice)


    Reduction In Resolution Time


    Improvement In Operational Efficiency


    Increase in the QA Efficiency

    Why Rezo

    Powerful NLU

    Deep learning combined with Natural language technology (NLP and NLU) helps interpret customer language appropriately and recognizes his/her intent.

    Minimalistic Changes

    Integrates seamlessly with any CRM and drives automation and provide training without changing the current systems.

    Robust and Scalable

    Simple to use yet scalable to handle your global needs.


    Deployable both on cloud or on-premises basis the need.


    Build to seamlessly handle any language and support customers no matter how they communicate.

    Deployment Time

    From data modelling to integrating backend API’s, system is ready to roll in 1-4 weeks.

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    Adopt AI-Powered Contact Center and build your virtual agents now!

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