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Ai-Powered Contact Center For Financial Services

Transforming Customer Experience

Financial institutions work with highly commoditized and barely distinguished product portfolios in a competitive space. Therefore, the constant quest is to create an edge via support delivery experience. Rezo’s call center automation software offers financial providers a cost effective solution to deliver enhanced caller experience and operational efficiency.


Benefits of Rezo’s Financial Service Virtual Assistants

Don’t keep customers waiting; instead, provide immediate assistance using financial Virtual Assistants. By being accessible to your consumers at all times and quickly resolving their inquiries using call center automation technology, you can establish trust and long-lasting customer relationships.

  • Boosts Revenue

    Rezo’s automated debt collection software can replace time-consuming error-prone and costly tasks traditionally handled by agents in the financial sector. Rezo’s Al tools and predictive analytics can upsell relevant offers in real time to consumers who may not be aware of it otherwise.

  • Personalisation

    Rezo’s call center voice AI leverages customers’ historic behavioral patterns and analyzes their interaction: to deliver personalized experiences. This results in strong relationships and reduces monotonous interactions making financial institutions more humane.

  • Enhance Customer Experience

    Rezo’s Contact Center Solutions helps financial providers accomplish their goal of being an integral part of customers’ lives by instantly resolving customer queries 24/7 across multiple channels such as FAQs, account services, payment requests and much more, thereby delivering a comprehensive customer experience.

Use Cases

Promising use cases deployed in the financial industry

Delinquency Management

The automated debt collection software of Rezo enables pre and post-delinquency dial-outs about EMI reminders, debt or penalty collection, etc., leveraging call center knowledge management based customer contact strategy.

Automated Lead Validation

With the pre-defined parameters like minimum loan amount or type of loan etc., fed to the AI engine. The AI call center solutions understand the customers’ profiles and distinguish quality leads from junk leads.

Automate Enach Registration

Provide customers with enach status updates, as well as its advantages, and then guide them through the registration process using automated outbound voice campaigns.

Case Studies

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