Use Cases

Promising use cases deployed in the diagnostic industry

Schedule Appointments/Visits

Huge volume of calls are received to just schedule the appointments and visits. With AI bots, scheduling appointments becomes extremely easy and stress-free.

Interpreting Customer Complaints

Understanding customer complaints from an unstructured text is extremely difficult task and can only be handled manually. However, with Rezo’s powerful NLP engine, interpreting customer complaints, mapping frequency of complaints, and streamlining processes is extremely simple.

Upsell/ Cross-sell

Customers converse with brands and while the conversations are happening, there are opportunities of up-sell and cross-sell that arise. Rezo sophisticated AI is smart enough to detect the up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and pitches in with the right verbatim to and helps do closures.


Customers reach out over calls, email, and chat about the pricing of various tests. A bot can easily handle the unstructured conversations about pricing and revert real-time to the customers by leveraging the backend APIs.

Case Studies

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