Ai-Powered Contact Center For Banking Sector

Transforming Customer Experience

Rezo’s Al-Powered CX Cloud Solution can help banking institutions in streamlining their processes and achieving operational efficiencies. They can automate their pre and post-delinquency management cycles, enhance payment experience, streamline customer onboarding and many more tasks.


Benefits of Rezo Automotive Virtual Assistants

Use our banking chatbots to automate conversational processes to increase customer engagement.

  • Inbound Calling

    Our Call center automation software through inbound calling, can handle customer queries at all times. Whether it’s service booking, sales inquiry or claim intimation, Rezo’s conversational AI chatbots automate all the repeated queries

  • Outbound Calling

    Rezo’s call center voice AI enables mass reach-out in a short span of time for sending timely reminders and notifications, lead prioritization and feedback capturing.

  • Analytics And Advice

    Our Banking Virtual Assistants can analyze all your customer data and deliver insights to them that can improve their financial management. From purchase patterns, spending behavior and credit information to budget planning and cost savings, AI powered chatbots is fully equipped to be a personal money manager.

Use Cases

Promising use cases deployed in the banking industry

Fast-track query resolution

Rezo’s CX automation platform navigates customers through the buying process by addressing FAQs, vehicle-related information about price or availability, keeping track of car sales, and more.

Smart Scheduling Tool

The call center automation technology automates the entire process of changing or cancelling appointments, arranging pickups, creating service alerts/reminders, and sending delivery updates.

Automated Lead Validation

AI-Powered contact center solutions recommend business-related services in the right verbatim allowing manufacturers and dealers to upsell or cross-sell to customers.

Case Studies

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