Rezo Architecture

Rezo's AI-Powered Contact Center Solution is designed, created and tested utilising a reliable and flexible end-to-end platform.
We provide enterprises with everything they need to automate conversations across voice and digital platforms.

Rezo Platform Architecture

The product is feasible across industries ranging from BFSI, Logistics sector, Healthcare and diagnostics to Manufacturing and automobiles industry. Our AI powered CX cloud enables clients providing seamless and personalised customer experience during both pre-sales and post-sales process. With our unified Call Center agent performance dashboard, you can easily improve agents efficiencies through call analytics and training requirements assessment. We provide conversational AI solutions in more than 20+ languages which helps businesses to target regional customers and gain their trust.

Rezo’s cutting edge technology like no-code platform, restful APIs, knowledge graphs, call center solutions, centralised dashboards help brands to reduce operational costs by automating repetitive tasks. Rezo leverages its powerful in-built NLP and NLU engine to understand the customer’s intent in the message and provide the most appropriate response. Regardless of the language, the NLP engine understands the syntax, semantics, discourse, and purpose of the message to engage in a human-like conversation.

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