We focus on drastically improving customer experience (CX), agent efficiencies by leveraging the power of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. We work with large, multi-channel, unstructured data sets and identify patterns that lead to huge systematic inefficiencies and provide solutions around them. We resolve challenges that help augment human worker, automate repetitive tasks and improve effectiveness.

Consumers are frequently trapped with automatic response systems, inane chatbots, or have to repeat their inquiries and concerns before resolution can be achieved. To address this issue, IITian couple Manish and Rashi Gupta founded Rezo's AI-Powered Contact Center in 2017 to help businesses avoid customer churn and boost revenue without incurring financial costs by providing 24x7 real-time responses to customer inquiries with minimal human interaction.



At Rezo, we believe that we live in the era of automation and connectivity and in the coming years, vast majority of human-machine interactions will be automated, benefiting both consumers and businesses. Traditional consumer contact points will also evolve into digitised conversational engagements, transforming how businesses communicate with their stakeholders, customers, and agents. We also believe that by leveraging the AI-Powered Contact Centers, we will play a significant role in making these encounters frictionless, natural, and effective.

We envision to create an open ecosystem based on the convergence of technological innovation and customer satisfaction through Rezo's next generation AI-Powered Contact Centre. At Rezo, we're driven by a single ambition : Harness the potential of AI-powered contact centres to provide customers, employees, and agents with frictionless and delightful experiences.


"There is always a trade-off between great customer experience (CX) and the cost incurred by the enterprises. Rezo helps deliver great customer experience at reduced cost leading to a win-win for both customers and enterprises.”


Manish Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO

Manish comes with 20 years of experience across technology, product and business roles with RateGain, Spice & Globallogic. He is an alumni of IIT Delhi and has a successful exit from his last venture.

Dr. Rashi Gupta

Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist

A data science professional with 18 years of experience, Rashi received her doctoral from University of Helsinki and double masters from IIT Delhi. She has worked with Jawaharlal Nehru University, AbsolutData and WNS.

Board Members & Investors

Bhavish Sood

Partner, Modulor Capital

Bhavesh Manglani

Co-Founder, Delhivery

Vasant Rao

Founder, Veda

Devesh Sachdev

Founder, Fusion Microfinance

Join our passionate and enthusiastic team in building a world-class platform aimed at resolving customer touch-points at an enormous scale.

Rezo is the place to be if you want to work in an atmosphere where you can do meaningful research, contribute to the platform, and grow fast.

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